Hillsdale College


Core Texts

This program is centered around the core texts from the Western and American traditions of educational thought, such as:

  • The Iliad (8th century B.C.) by Homer
  • The Bible: Wisdom Literature & The Gospel of Matthew
  • The Republic, Meno, & Gorgias (300s B.C.) by Plato
  • Nicomachean Ethics (340 B.C.) by Aristotle
  • On the Orator (46 B.C.) by Cicero
  • The Education of the Orator (95 A.D.) by Quintilian
  • On the Teacher (389 A.D.) by Augustine
  • The Consolation of Philosophy (524 A.D.) by Boethius
  • The Divine Comedy (1320) by Dante Alighieri
  • The Tempest (1611) by William Shakespeare
  • Emile, or On Education (1762) by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  • The Northwest Ordinance (1787)
  • Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, A Slave (1845) by Frederick Douglass
  • Twelfth Annual Report to the Secretary of the Massachusetts State Board of Education (1848) by Horace Mann
  • Moby Dick; or, The Whale (1851) by Herman Melville
  • The Idea of a University (1852) by John Henry Newman
  • Brothers Karamazov (1879) by Fyodor Dostoevsky
  • The Montessori Method (1912) by Maria Montessori
  • Experience and Education (1938) by John Dewey
  • Education at the Crossroads (1943) by Jacques Maritain
  • The Lost Tools of Learning (1948) by Dorothy Sayers
  • The Abolition of Man (1943) by C. S. Lewis
  • The Art of Teaching (1950) by Gilbert Highet
  • Brown v. Board of Education (1954)
  • The Paideia Proposal (1982) by Mortimer J. Adler
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