Hillsdale College

Henry Listenberger

Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Entrance Term: Fall 2022

B.A. English

Hillsdale College

Henry grew up in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, where he attended a small classical school. His appreciation of the classical education he received led him to Hillsdale College, where he earned a bachelor's degree in English with a minor in classical education. After completing his undergraduate studies, Henry and his wife Molly Kate lived in the suburbs of Austin, Texas, where Henry taught 5thgrade for three years at Founder’s Classical Academy of Leander. Henry has felt compelled to participate in the world of classical education throughout his entire academic and professional career, and he is excited to have the opportunity to study it at the graduate level here at Hillsdale.

Research interests:

My main research interests involve literary genre theory. I particularly enjoy studying this in the works of William Shakespeare, and classic works of juvenile fiction.

What has been the thing you’ve appreciated most about your time here?

I have always appreciated the great number of professors at Hillsdale who are not only passionate about their respective fields, but also passionate about the art of teaching. I have learned a great deal from the professors here about how to turn a love of a subject into a skillfully delivered lesson.

What is distinctive about Hillsdale’s School of Classical Education?

The program is distinct in the way that it is unified by its ties to the college’s aims in K-12education. Everyone involved in the program has been drawn to it for varied reasons, yet the college’s clear vision for the way that this program fits into the larger movement of classical education in this country, elevates and unites our distinct strengths and motivations.

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