Hillsdale College

Paul Kearney

Hillsdale, Michigan

Entrance Term: Fall 2022

Education: B.S. in History, minor in Psychology, Hillsdale College

Paul Kearney grew up in Hillsdale, MI and received his undergraduate degree in History from Hillsdale College in 2020. Upon falling in love with classical education, he taught at a classical school in Austin, TX for two years where he enjoyed projecting his love for education upon his students. Paul realized he desired to have a deeper understanding of what classical education truly is, and so applied for Hillsdale’s new M.A. in Classical Education. He is extremely grateful to be back at Hillsdale studying the things he cares so much about. Paul lives in Hillsdale with his wife, Hannah, and their infant son.

What brought you to Hillsdale?

I have greatly appreciated the other members of the inaugural cohort. By taking all of our classes together this semester, we have developed a strong sense of comradery in our shared experiences. I have also appreciated the faculty in the program, as they have made each class interesting, relevant, and edifying.

What is distinctive about Hillsdale’s Graduate School of Classical Education?

Hillsdale’s M.A. in Classical Education lays a foundation for what classical education is during the first two semesters before allowing its students to delve into more specialized classes depending on their interests, such as Educational Leadership and Classical School Administration. By establishing a strong understanding of the philosophy and history of education, as well as classical pedagogy, students go into their later classes and subsequent careers with a firm understanding of why classical education is significant and worth pursuing.

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